SSRS reports alignment issue when printing with dot matrix printer. Urgent need help !

Dear All,

I got issue with SSRS reports alignment when printing with dot matrix printer.

When printing

For the 1st page, the alignment is nice and in order

For the 2nd page, the page is up for about 2mm

For the 3rd page onward, the page will be accumulated up 4mm onward

Appreciate your help !

Kind Regards,


Try to save it to PDF first and see from there, set the PDF page layout first though. It looks like the page layout setting on your SSRS is not matched to the printer’s setting.

hi Kwen,

I set the SSRS report page height = 8.5 inches, width = 11 inches. When print out the report from the printer, I select the page for printing at size 8.5 inches x 11 inches also.
Where can I check the printer’s setting paper? Thanks.

Sometimes there could be hidden margins, export the report to PDF and open it through latest adobe reader, the advantage with adobe is that it shows all the margins.

Thanks all