SSRS Report

I am running a report follwing error message occured.

Query with id ‘Acx_InventTableQuery_SSRS’ does not exist.

i m unable to identify this.

please help me out.


Sachin chauhan

Please tell us more about what you’re doing (running an existing report in AX? previewing a new report in Visual Studio?), what’s your version of AX and whatever else may be important.

Hi Martin,

I created a new report it is working fine in VS bt not in ax …

I m using ax 2012 R3…

What is the call stack of the error? Have you deployed the report (without errors)?

It seems that you posted the reply to a wrong thread. I’m putting it here:

Opening a Report Giving Following Error In Ax 2012 R3

Reporting framework error: Dynamic packed query not found.


(S)\Classes\Info\add - line 94

(S)\Classes\Global\error - line 3

(S)\Classes\SRSQueryBuilder\initialize - line 21


Both this thread and the thread where you originally posted your answer are about error “Query with id ‘xyz’ does not exist”. Your call stack is about “Dynamic packed query not found”. Why did you switch to the latter error and how is it related to the original one?

The latter error says that you’re trying to refer to a packed query which doesn’t exist (in SRSReportQuery table).