SSRS Report warning

Hi everyone,

I did a small modificatoin in one of base ax 2012 SSRS report(added a field). After that, while compiling i am getting a warning, i.e

"Could not resolve SMAWorkNoteReport.BusinessLogic from the AOT. If the reference is required in your code, you may get compilation errors."

Can anyone tell me why this warning and how it can be solved?.

Normally, adding a new data method to a SSRS report in a ReportModel project will automatically build the xxx.budinessLogic project.
I don’t know how to reproduce this, but today I ran into a problem that when I try to add a data method to a SSRS report (which had no data methods previously) I get an error message saying:

“could not resolve xxx.BusinessLogic from the AOT. Verify that the Buiness logic library property is set correctly, the referenced project is added to the solution and loaded”

The work around is actually fairly straight forward:

  1. Add a new report in the same solution.
  2. Add a new data method in the new report. By doing so the businessLogic project is created like it should.
  3. Delete the report created in step 1.