SSRS report showing incorrect values

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When opening the report “Accrued Purchases Excluding VAT Report” as per standard function any Invoiced/finalised those purchase order should not be visible in the report. But currently, it is not working as expected some list of purchase orders.

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The name doesn’t look standard. - Look at this documentation to understand how the standard Accrued purchases report works.

Hi Kranthi,

The issue in this report is it is fetching all not invoiced PO correctly, but it is fetching some selected purchase order which is invoiced too, there is no customizations but then need a help to find why this is happening. Please suggest a solution.

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It can fetch invoice details in the below two cases, (the content is from Tech net,…/aa598272.aspx) )

Invoice details are displayed on the report when one of the following conditions is true:

  • The receipt transaction date is before or equal to the cutoff date, and the invoice transaction date is after the cutoff date.

  • The invoice transaction date is before or equal to the cutoff date, and the receipt transaction date is after the cutoff date.

Hi Kranthi,

When I checked with the wrongly showing PO , it is having two packing slips for a line which is only reflected in the Accrued purchases report , I wanted to know whether this duplication in packing slip any way will affect the report? And wanted to know the exact select query from where they are selecting from vendpackingslip to populate the temp table. Please suggest an answer.

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Have you looked at the related DP class?

yes kranthi in vendpackingsliptrans table I saw the records, I filtered the PO which is having issue, the line which is getting generated in the report is having duplicated line which quantity as zero and but the two lines are having same linenumber, same inventransId,…etc but the difference is fullymatched field is false for one line and true for another, then amount is present for one line and zero for another. Please suggest if this have any impact in the selection of line.

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Is that the line belongs to a different packing slip? How does this record causing an issue in the report, as the quantity and amount on it are zero?

Hi Kranthi,

No the quantity which is not equal to zero line is only causing issues, but I am telling that it is having a duplicated line with zero quantity too. Any other suggestion to find why a invoiced purchase order is getting displayed in the report ? Please suggest an solution.

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Hi Kranthi,

I found that there is no record for the issue PO line in the table VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch which is referred in the processreport method of the dp class. I wanted anyone to suggest when a record will be inserted in this VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch when invoiced. please suggest an answer please.

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When an invoice is posted by matching it with a single or multiple product receipts.