SSRS Report show total value from previous page


I have table in my report and I have to show RunningValue at the end of each page(which I am doing correct right now) and next thing is that at begining of the next page should be value from previous page. I was trying to do it with:

x=Sum(ReportItems!CustCollectionTrans_RemainAmount2.Value); → value for current page

y=(ReportItems!Textbox114.Value) which is equal to :RunningValue(Fields!CustTransOpenAmountCur.Value, SUM, “custCollectionJourCustTransTmp”);

I have to substract y - x in page header, but I cant use more than one ReportItem in page Header.

Any other suggestions ?

Thank you!

I see that the question is already discussed in the duplicate thread on another forum.

Yes, I post it on both forums to have better chance for correct reply.