SSRS report rendering

Hi all ,

I have a doubt. I am doing a sales invoice while doing it stores the values in sales table, sales line table through salestablelistpage.

they attached query to the salestablelistpage.

I have select values from the sales table, sales line , hcmworker table but the values are not coming in the report data.

What to do?

I have attached a query to that… the query contains these 3 tables.

Kindly help me, report is not rendering values.

Thanks & Regards,

Please tell us what kind of data source you’re using. Are you directly using a query modeled in AOT or an RDP class?

Did you test the query before trying to use in a report? If not, please do it now.

I was using RPD based class and I have tested. it was only fetching sales id. which i pass a parameter in contract class.

Then use the debugger to debug your RDP class. We can’t do it for you.

It’s not easy to debug RDP reports. You may use my way to debug RDP classes:…/ax-2012-test-rdp-class-at-axapta-side.html