SSRS Report problem: cannot find new field

Dear all,

now it happened twice, so I decided to write a post on this forum.


  1. I created a new EDT

  2. I edited the RDP header table of the PurchaseOrder, adding a field of type of the new EDT

  3. I updated the report DS from VS

  4. I added a new field to the report (the created at step 2)

  5. Deploy successfully the report

When I launch the report, it gives me an error, saying it cannot find the new field. Actually in the database the field exists and it has also been pupulated!

What can I do?

Thank you!

Generate CIL, it will resolve your problem.

what CIL??

CIL is Common Intermediate Language.

Microsoft Dynamics AX, scheduled batch jobs written in X++ must first be compiled into the common intermediate language (CIL) of the .NET Framework.

you can get more details

How come it does not help me this time.

I added new fields to tmp table, it works fine in our DEV environment, but when it is transfered to test environment, it said the new field cannot find it in the tmp table, and the funny thing is all the setup are English, but the message I got it is in Danish.

I generated FULL CIL, and restart the sql report server, it did not help.

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Sounds like your Visual Studio test environment configuration is pointing to different data source application.

Please see this post with a similar issue where I have discussed the solution in details:

Hi Janis

Thanks for your quick reply! just right now, I got it works again. what I have done:

1:refresh caches

2: AOT\addin-ins\Incremental CIL generation from X++

Then it works!

Have a nice day!

Hi All,

The solution for this is, once we are introducing a new field to a existing database the SSRS report configuration manager is not getting refreshed. This is a common problem when all (AX APPLICATION, SQL. …) are installed in different BOX. So the SSRS report manager is not refreshed with the new field. Once you restart the SSRS configuration manager then it will Synchronize with the database and will get the latest changes.

If this didn’t work for any one the last and 100% solution is to restart the AOS. this will work.