SSRS Report prints on multiple pages

Hi All,

When we want to print the Product receipt(Purchase order) it prints on multiple pages instead of just one page…

Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue…

Thanks in Advance…

Hi All,
Any suggestions?

Hi Gopinath,

Page carry problems would be very painful with SSRS. :slight_smile:

In first do not just try with preview at Visual Studio. Try “print layout” button at VS preview. It will be give you a look up for if page carry out.

-Look for page types. Maybe your report is US letter, but printer is A4
-Look for if detail band wider than page width
-Look for body size and page size
-Clean unnecessary spaces (look at original AX reports, you’ll never see unnecessary blank lines).

If you page still carries out; copy and paste your page layout. Start delete one by one your report controls. Delete one, print preview, delete one, print preview. This’s the last and successful method every time.