SSRS report need in landscape format


I need my report to be printed in landscape format. I have done modifications in VS 2010 with respect to my report as,

In report properties,

  1. I have selected “PaperSize” to “LandScape” format. Width is 29 and height is 21.

  2. I have deployed my reports and when I tried to print that report, it’s printing as usually in portrait format and not in landscape format.

Note: Urgent issue to resolve. If anyone have updates, please share it ASAP.



Hi zahir,

i will give you the sizes in inch’s for the landscape,

width = 11in

height = 8.5

in the Report properties there is a “Margins”, by default it’s 1in,1in,1in,1in , this margins is takes from the body, header, footer size , so if the width = 11in and the margins is 1in from left and 1in from right , the body, footer, header, width must = 9
so 9 + 1 +1 = 11

and for height it’s the same,


Ahmad Saify

After you finish working in the visual studio don’t forget to build the project , then deploy it in the AX,

Hi ahmad,

I did with your suggestion. But when I tried to print the report from ax client, it’s again printing in portrait format only.



Hi Zahir,

it must work!!
if it didn’t work maybe there’s a different design that’s the report work on, there’s a different designs for some cultures, follow the report’s controller class to know which design it’s works on.

or maybe the client is connected with different instance.