SSRS report, get data from views

Hi everyone. I need to get data from 2 fields in a report from a view and I need to know how to do it. I need to get data from DirPartyPostalAddressView, which is in Data Dictionary->Views->DirPartyPostalAddressView.

Thanks in advance.

You can see views in the same as tables, e.g. in queries.

I am not sure that I got your post right, but I am currently developing Sales Invoice. I am changing the standard functionality of the SalesInvoiceDP,Controller and Contract. I am not sure how to use query in my case. :slight_smile:

There is still no difference between using a view and a table. But it seems that your problem is not about views - you don’t know how to add fields to a data provider.

SalesInvoiceDP class exposes several temporary tables. Look for methods with SRSReportDataSetAttribute attribute, e.g. getSalesInvoiceHeaderFooterTmp() and getSalesInvoiceTmp().

You need to identity which table is suitable for your data, add fields there and fill them from your view in the data provider class. See SalesInvoiceDP.insertIntoSalesInvoiceTmp() as an example.

Thanks for the quick response. I will try it when I can. :wink: