SSRS Report difficulties

Hi everybody,

I would like your help to find out the best way to create a ssrs report with Visual Studio 2010 & AX 2012 R2.

I need to setup a report of A4 size that puts 10 barcodes with a Person ID bellow it.

The 10 barcodes+PersonID have to be divided over 2 colums of 5 per page.

So far i used a tablix of small size enough to put 5 of them in a colum and two in a row of one A4.

I putted the following groups on the tablix :

=(RowNumber(“Tablix1”) Mod 5)



No page breaks

The result is good, if i have 11 elements in the dataset i get 10 on the first page and 1 on the next page, but i get several whitepages at the end.

I estimate that when its “rendering” it takes more place than after the groupings are done, and it causes to have 1 or more white pages at the end of the report once you put it into print page display or when you print it in pdf with a pdf printer (not the included pdf function i don’t use it).

Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Thank you already for your answers!

the A4 size is height = 11 width = 8.5 , in the visual studio shows the report properties and sit the sizes of the height and the width, on the inter active size and on the page size, then look at the pending of the report, standard it’s 1in,1in,1in,1in , change then to 0.5in,0.5in,0.5in,0.5in
now you shows the properties for the body, if you don’t have a header and footer, make it size height = 10 , width = 7.5 , now the body will print on 1 A4 page

Thanks for the response,

I checked already the sizes, and they are fitting nicely inside (I took the borders in consideration).

But still i have those white pages because the way i generate the columns, i think when the report is beeing generated, it uses more space than the final result, because the groupings are applied at the end.

I suppose that this extra space used is deported on another page. I don’t see how to prevent this from happening.

Otherwise i was thinking of some other way to make columns, is there a way to group by rows every 5 rows, and every two columns do a page break.

I tried to do this with two groups on top of each other but i couldn’t make it work because i group on a group who is using rownumber()…

Any suggestions ?

try to change the property “keep together” on the tablix from “false” to “true”