SSRS report Body extending too far on page

I’m working on editing the SSRS BOL report to fill the entire page. I had to enlarge all of the report objects now the report contents are filling the page correctly everywhere except on the bottom of the page, where the Body is extending too far down underneath the rest of the report,

In the designer everything is flush against the edges of the report boundary. I’ve checked for any overlapping objects and nothing is sticking out too far. ConsumeContainerWhitespace is set to true on the Body.

There are several objects layered together that fill up the whole space of the report and I thought one of them might have gotten extended past the area of the body, but when I checked they were all the same height (9.45456")

When the report is built and deployed the Body (blue) is always visible for about an inch underneath the report. The body is the same height as the rest of the report objects and the size is within the amount needed to fit the margins (page size and interactive size are 8.5x11, margins are .25" all around.)

Why is this part of the report consistently sticking out like this? How can I get the report to fill the page and make the body stay within the same boundaries as the rest of the contents?