SSRS Report (AX2012 R3)


I am new in SSRS reports concepts (AX2012 R3). I have a question that how to customize a existing report.

For Ex.

If a report is created using RDP classes then how can i get

  1. Report

  2. classes ( Cantract class, UI Builder class, DP class )

  3. Menuitems etc.

So, my question is if i want to customize a report X , how can i get all the objects associated with it.

A few tips:

  • Consult documentation often, it has many answers for you (e.g. How to: Find the Data Source For a Report)
  • Make sure you understand the architecture of reports, because that will tell you where to find details
  • Get familiar with cross-references
  • Consult Report Catalog for information about standard reports

That’s all what I use and it gives me all answers I need.