SSRS Queries: Error 1: Year, month and day parameters decribe an un-representable datetime.

So here’s the issue:

I’ve got an AOT-query for an invoice report where custinvoicejour is the main table for the query. I have connected several diffrent datasources to this table(EmplTable, DlvTerm, DlvMode, PaymentTerm etc) and the query and the report works just fine.

But when i try to add another datasource(CustTable) to the query and run the report in Visual Studio i get the message "Error 1: Year, month and day parameters describe an un-representable datetime. But if i remove two of the other datasources already added (DlvTerm, DlvMode, PaymentTerm, it doesnt matter which two of these i remove) the report works just fine with the datasource CustTable added.

Anyone who has any idea of why this is happening?