SSRS problem with format of the report on Zebra printer

Hi guys.

I am developing report for a client, which needs to print the report on Zebra GK420t in 10 cm. width and 12 cm. height labels. The problem is that when i print the report on regular printer it looks fine, but when the client print it on their printer somehow the printer shrinks the report, and it looks 5-6 times smaller, than it should be. Did someone have suggestion of a solution. I think i must be something with the formatting of the report.

Have you set the paper size properly in report properties?

What do you mean by properly? I have set the paper size to “Custom” - W-11.5cm; H-13.5cm and the margin 0.1cm

There is one more report with the similar problem for the same client. And it is with the following parameters “Custom” - W-10.05; - H-12.9cm and the margin 0.2cm. What do you suggest I can try next :?