SSRS Physical Inventory by inventory dimension hangs

Hi all,

I’m experiencing something strange in a AX2012 R2 CU7 environmen

When I run the report mentioned in subject with view flags that combine a InventDim that doesn’t exist, it hangs.

I investigated this in the code and I found that it tries to create the dimension when it doesn’t exist.
InventSumDateEngine → clearNotSelectedDimensions

But when he does this, it hangs on the while of the queryRun that puts the temporary table (inventSumDateTransReportTmp) to the AOT query.
InventSumDateEngine → mergeRecords

somebody experienced this too? Or do I miss something?

Thanks in advance

Maybe a little bit more info:

I checked the Activity Monitor of the sql database.
There I saw that the queryrun statement is locked by the insert of the inventdim

The report itself is generated via a seperate UserConnection.
Is it possible that the peace of code that creates the dimension isn’t part of the UserConnection and thus causing the system to not find the inserted data … or something like that?

inventDimNew = InventDim::find(inventSumDateTrans.InventDimId);

inventDimNew = InventDim::findOrCreate(inventDimNew);

Any ideas?