SSRS: Input string not in a correct format

Hi i am getting This error after i added a field to system’s std report got errors

RDP based report it has controller class as well

1.) initially few parameters were created i got error like "parameter missing value "on that i made it’s property allow blank true nd nullable true so it was fixed

2.) now that i have added my field i am getting error see picture below

The error clearly says that your expression for the property Hidden of table1. If you’re unable to fix the expression by yourself, you’ll have to show the expression. So far we have no idea what you’ve written there.

Thank you Mr Drab

in exp i have added

=Fields!TransferType.Value which is the new value i have added to STD report

and if i take out the field from report and deploy also still the error persists taht is even though new field was removed from Design

Please read what the error says and what I already repeated to you.

The error says nothing about any field. It’s about the Hidden property of the tablix.

But i checked the tablix property there isn’t any hidden exp…

Now i will how i did it right click on table tablix property … visibility tab-> the radio button depicts Show

nothing else

If everything was all right, it wouldn’t throw an error. Are you looking at tablix1? What if you actually set an expression there (e.g. =False). And try to thing about other things by yourself.

Yes Sir i am looking at Table1 and thank you for you guidance i will try and find a solution