SSRS Dynamic DataSet :: AX2012

Hey all,

Have been asked to create a generic report in which we can swap out the underlying query and selected fields, similar to the Auto Report feature. However, we need this to be able to run in batch and have the regular print destinations available so that our users can not only create their custom report but have it emailed to their inbox with recurrence.

Any takers? I’ve tried everything I can think of in terms of capturing the query from the autoReport controller and passing it as a packed string to a custom data contract class and custom controller which extends the normal SrsReportRunController. Nothing seems to work as it appears we cannot have a generic report on the SSRS side that does a “Select * from !Parameter.Query”


Would it be easier to use SSRS directly (Report Designer, report subscriptions etc.) instead of reinventing the wheel through a “generic AX report”?