SSRS Commission Trans Report


Can somebody help me on SSRS reports. I have to add some more fields and parameters in the “Commission Transaction List” report in Accounts receivable > Reports> Transactions>Commission> Transaction List. I am new to AX. So please guide me. Thanks.

hi saini,

Unfortunately, i don’t have an AX on my laptop right now, but first of all you need to find the visual studio project for the report, once you do, right click at it and choose edit, the project will open at visual studio, then chick if the datasit has the fields that’s you need " some fields in the datasit is not at the design sometimes ", if the fields isn’t there, you need to create them at the tmp table and add lines of code to the report’s DP class to select the data that’s you want and insert it to the new fields.

about the parameters, some reports has three class’s 1_ DP , 2_controller , 3_contract
if your report has this three you need to add the parameters to the contract and the controller, if just DP and contract , you need to added to the contract or if just DP and controller , you need to added to the controller.

for more information about SSRSReports you need to find a tutorials and some documentation because it’s a huge thing with alot of information and cases.


Ahmad Saify

This report doesn’t have any DP or contract class. But the parameters are dynamic parameters. So i want to right DP and Contract class. If i want to add parameter “Sales District”. How can i write that in DP class. Thanks