SSRS - "attribute class has not been declared"


I made an SSRS report, works well in Visual Studio. Only problem is, when I want to set it to a Output Menu Item in AX, I got the following: “xxx attribute class has not been declared” when compiling the menu item. I have the xxxDP and the xxxController classes working and compiling without any issue. Could you give me tips where to find the root of the issue?

Thanks in advance!

Have you done everything after completing report? Deploying solution to the Reporting Server? Is your AX environment using the correct Report Server URL (Admin → Setup → Business Analysis → Reporting Services → Reporting Servers)

Yes. I’ve done deploying and I can see it on the reporting page and in AX’s AOT.
What I think is that maybe I missed some step in Visual Studio, before deploying.


Looks like a refresh issue. Try to mention the LinkedPermissionObject and LinkedPermissionObjectChild once again to the output menu item in property window. Save and compile.


Faisal Raja J

By setting the “LinkedPermissionObjectChild” (to report), this error will get resolved.