square foot unit of measure question

NAV 2009 SP1

Have a client that deals in ceramic tile. 95 % of their inventory is sold by the piece, so for these items the base unit of measure is PC. Now they do have ‘bundles’ of tile (one bundle contains 6 pieces of tile of different sizes) and this is sold by square feet. One bundle = 50 square feet. The unit cost of the bundle $50. They sell for $100.

So when they sell to the customer, the customer says they need 100 square ft. so they will sell them 2 bundles.

Since they sell this by square feet, what do i put in the quantity field for the BUOM, assuming the BUOM is square feet ? I have to put 1, but the bundle is 50 sq ft.

Maybe I am reading too much into this. Any ideas ?

Hi Craig,

Depends on the cient - how do they cost/inventory control/“produce” the bundles?

The question I always ask is how they count the item on stock count and how is it costed.

Yes, we have made a solution like that. But it demands some changes.
Our case was like this:
A customer sells fish. They sell it in units Pallet, Box, Kilo’s, Lbs, Stone and Package (this last one is the package which you’ll find in your local grocer’s freezer).

All theese units are set up on the item:
Base unit is Kilo; in a package there is 0,4 Kilo, in a Box there are 16 Kilo, on a pallet there are 70 boxes (=70 * 16 baseunits) - on each unit there is a “Qty. per Unit of Measure”.

They sell one Pallet, which contains 70 boxes. Usually. But it might very well happen that a pallet only contains 69 boxes. And that some boxes does not contain exactly 16 kilos.
So at the end the base-quantity is incorrect, if only using standard NAV.

Our solution goes like this:
In table 37 we created new decimal-fields, one for Pallet, one for Box, one for Package, one for Lbs, …
And - yes - some hardcoding is needed here! [:$]
The user first write into field Pallet; this triggers values in all the other fields - values based on the “Qty. per Unit of Measure” pr. unit.
Afterwards you adjust the Box-quantity; this affects all the other fields, but not Pallet.
After this you adjust the Package-quantity; this affects all the other fields, but not Pallet and not Box.

  • and so on.

We call it “adjusting units to the right”. The form columns show the largest UOM (Pallet) leftmost.

At the end you migth have sold 1 pallet containg 69 boxes which have a total weight at 1.125 Kilos.
If you used standard UOM-calculation you would get 1.120 Kilos!