SQLServer2000 problem with linked server and ODBC

Hi I have a problem with linked server in SQLServer 2000. I run the link is setup and the ODBC-source works fine in Access. When I run i query from SQLServer I get an error: SELECT * FROM Navision…Currency returns: Error 7317 OLE DB provider ‘%ls’ returned an invalid schema definition. Please Help My configuration is Windows 2000 server SP 1 SQLServer 2000 NF 2.50 w CODBC 2.50 /fredrik hansson

You should update to NF 2.60D (with latest hotfix) to run reliable on SQL 2000. Furthermore the 2.50 C/ODBC driver is known to be buggy and should be replaced by the latest 2.60 version as well. John

Hello. I also agree with John that you should upgrade also. Please note that it was not until version 2.60.C that Navision began support SQL 2000 and the 2.60.D is designed to support SP1 for SQL 2000. Please note that you shouldn’t be using the C/ODBC driver with SQL. I would suggest creating views to your Navision tables. Why? Access isn’t able to handle all the table names. Furthermore, it provides for greater security and you can combined tables together into a single view. Therefore, you may not need as complex of a query when you query the view. Michael