sqlserver 2000 dts import

Hi! I have a big problem with sqlserver 2000 dts import with odbc from a navision 2.60 own database. Sometime I can some tables import but also very often I could no table import. Exspecially with large tables I have big problems. Also a preview in the dts is some times possible next time with the same table it is not possible. Why? Who has an idea? Thanks

The intermitant nature of this seems to point to a bug in DTS somewhere. Try posting your problem to the public microsoft newsgroups (microsoft.public.sqlserver.*). You’ll probably get some good replies there.

I have also expiriencd problems with Navision and DTS but this problems have been caused by special national literals like ÆØÅ wich is used by navision in field names, but isnot supported by DTS. My work around for this is to create a view where i use fieldnames without special national literals and setup the DTS against the views.

Use “step-by-step” DTS, not “parallel”. There is huge problem with large navision’s table because CODBC driver waits for EndOfTable each time and than gives data for external reader (especially for grouping and sorting). I am not using “SELECT * FROM NavisionTable ORDER BY…” for large number of records. VB’s structure “Do While Not NavisionTable.EOF <…>” works much faster. Do not use any groupings and sortings on Navision’s table during import. Transfer data to SQL in temporary buffer first and after it make any modifications. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia