does anyone have any useful SQL I can use for navsion


extracting balances from customers…vendors

extracting a tb

wip and time analysis reports by client

or any tips on how to identify tables as there are so many…I am in Nav 2013

would really appreciate if someone could share with me some of their sql code.

thank you so much

Big questions, no simple answers.

Many tables, yes.
Basically you have to know the structures of NAV (obviously) and some “terms” - how Item Ledger Entries, Value Entries and Application Entries (and others, depending on NAV-version) cooperate as wel as how Customer Ledger Entry and Detailed Customer Ledger Entry are working together. And all the other tables.

I don’t know about any standard custom NAV-queries in SQL. But several tools are made for extraction of data from NAV - e.g. Jet Reports, which is based on Excel. Perhaps you may begin there…