SQL & Windows Authentification

I want to move a Navision SQL-Database on a big SQL-Mainframe, where the Navision superusers are only database owner (so they can’t create a userlogin on SQL). The behavior of Navision, creating a sql-login / windows-user when a windows - database user is defined is inacceptable. I have to define a windows-group grated to public access to the database, not a list of various windows-users. Is there a way to deactivate the automatic generation of users while creating a windows login at Navision (3.70). It is possible to access to the database after your windows-login is deleted if you are a member of the windows-group with public access to the database. But i can’t tell the sql-admin to use Navision to create a windows-login, add the ADS-User into the Navision-Public Group and then delete this user from the SQL-Login list… Other suspicious behaviors are: * deleting a user doesn’t delete the SQL-Login * the default database for this users is “master” not “Navision”… * the lookup into the domain doesn’t work, maybe it’s tooooo big (Infineon) I don’t want to miss the advantages of an high performant SQL-Mainframe only because this open issues… any ideas? Bye Stefan

If creating a user in SQL is not acceptable, you should not use the SQL Server option. This is the only way to make it work, so either accept it or don’t use it.