SQL Tool?

We are running C/Side Navision Financials, we have no developer license. Wanting to do some reports in Crystal and I want to know if there is a tool which allow me to see the calls to the database when we run a Navision report? This would help us determine which tables/fields are used by the report without learning C/Side report design, etc. Thanks.

There’s the Navision Developer Toolkit which can help you to analyze the relation ships between the various entities As you might know you can access a Navision native database throught C/ODBC (Navision’s ODBC driver) You will need to purchase the C/ODBC granule in case you do not have it yet …

Thanks, we have already created several reports via ODBC, we were not wanting to buy a developers license and I assume you would need to for the toolkit, no? Was hoping there was something similar to ODBC trace or MS SQL Profiler that we could use to get the statements Navision makes to the db when doing reports.

John, the dev. toolkit requires a pretty high level licensure.