SQL Table Linking

We have Navision SQL. We linked a Navision table to a non-navision table view. When we change a value in navision it should update the outside table, however it does not. The problem is on the outside table is an SQL Trigger on update. Inside of the Trigger is a SQL Print statement. When this runs Navision causes an error and rolls the data back without making the change. Any ideas on how to get around this without removing the SQL Print line from the trigger? Thanks.

Hi, Simon not sure i understand your question correctly. you have a third-party application that checks data consistency using a trigger. you want to suppress the consistency check when modifying records from Navision and keep it when modifying from you third-party tool. Is that what you want?

A PRINT inside a trigger is bad practice generally. But since its possible, applications should handle it correctly. Unfortunately, Attain sees all PRINTs as unexpected error conditions (they are posted to the error buffer by SQL Server along with errors and warnings), so this is not possible right now with Attain.