SQL Server Runtime Licences

Does anyone know if there are any functionality restrictions with the SQL Runtime licences that are available on the Dynamics price lists? I know they can only be used with the specific Dynamics application they are purchased for, but do they provide otherwise full SQL Server functionality & tools? Can the customer use SQL Reporting Services etc?

As far as I know they are restricted to running the application they were sold with. They cannnot be used by any other application or host other databases. Since SQL Reporting Services requires additional databases, I would say you cannot use it. They do not come with the tool set that is part of the full SQL license.

Technically, there is no difference between a “Runtime” license and a “real” one; thus it depends on the Edition you select, which features you could use.

I disagree. SQL Reporting Services are part of the SQL Server Edition (Enterprise, see http://www.microsoft.com/sql/editions/enterprise/comparison.mspx), not a separate product. As Microsoft is actually providing NAV reports (since 4.00SP2) for the Reporting Services - and there is a clear intention to increase this - I would say, that of course SQL RS are allowed to run with the runtime license, as they could be considered a part of a NAV system!

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