SQL Server not found while running NAV 2009 RTC

Hi all,

I am getting a error “Server Not Found” at Net.TCP://localhost:7046/DB/Service. when i try to open the nav 2009 RTC.
If anybody knows the reason for this error, Kindly give me suggestion on how to overcome this error.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Chandru,

Have you checked to see if the service tier is running and has not been stopped? It looks like the service tier is not connected. Also, you can take a look at the Best Practice Analyzer Tool for 2009. You can install this tool and run it on the server. It will diagnose common issues for the 2009 setup. (i.e. SPN, delegation, etc.)

You can find more information about the tool and download it from CustomerSource here:


or from PartnerSource here:


Brent Fisher