SQL Server License

I have 10 Hyper Markets each having 20 POS from Wincor. I am having Navision 4.0

I have One Store Server which is running on SQL Standard with 5 concurrent users and 20 POS License.

I have one more server which at our Head Office with 2 Processor 16 GB RAM from Dell where in all my executives seating at Head Office Logs in and make PO, GRN, payments to vendors etc.There are concurrent 10 users always.

Now I dont understand what should be my SQL server License at Head Office level Server.What should be Navision -Ls Retail License at Store and Head Office . Do I need the Enterprise SQL or Standard SQL with 10 CAL License or what.

I am planning to use 5 Servers at Head Office and 5 Servers at 5 Stores and want to make 1 Master Server at Head Office in which all Masters would be available for the 5 Stores.

Need your help what should be the License issues I would take.

What should be the SQL Server License. do we need SQL Enterprise in Head Office,

Thanks and Regards

Talk to your LSRetail representative, he(she) should be able to bring light into the darkness.


When we install the product, we would normally use SQL Server Standard. LSRetail does not impose a need to buy the Enterprise edition (as standard Dynamics NAV).




why do want to migrate to SQL server wht are the benefits