sql server desktop engine

Hi , I installed the Microsoft Sql server Desktop Engine for some reasons. During installations something was happened to break down the installation. I am try ing to remove it from control panel. But I have this message Fatal error during Installation. Any body can help to teach me how we should remove it ??

Have you tried to re-install it again? Then, if that was succesfull, try the un-installation via Control Panel again?

Hi, I have a client who has the exact same problem. Did you find a way to get it uninstalled? Thanks Daniel

Also came across this, it is extremely simple to fix. Step 1 format hard drive and reinstall windows. Step 2 [Sigh…] I can not be sure, (I’m not a SQL expert), but I think if you install desktop, then enterprise, things go OK, but if you install Enterprise and the desktop it causes problems, … or maybe it was the other way around. It cheaper time and money wise to go out and buy enterprise, and just leave the desktop as it is. [Ugh]