Sql server client area very slow

Hi, I am the inhouse s/w guy in my fishing company in nigeria, where we are in final stages of implementing the sql server 2000 version Financials 3.00 for which we have new IBM servers win2000, 1gig, 512mbram and plenty hdd. The problem is that the financials package works fine and with good speed on the server, but works very slow on any client machine, due to which some parts of the program cannot be even used as they don’t open up at all. Our inventory has around 6000 items. sqlserver.exe is taking plenty ram and server.exe of navision is also taking plenty ram, do i really need server.exe as i stopped it and used the package there was no problem at all on the server nor at the client. As we r in the final stages of implementing and with this problem i don’t know what to do, as we cannot start using it with speed for the end users. If anyone has faced such a problem or if anyone has some solution plz let me know. Regards, Vishal

Are you runing Financials Server and SQL Server in the same machine? Financials server lock cache memory, and SQL Server can’t work

Do not run a Navision Server and SQL Server on the same server machine! Do not even run any other application than SQL Server on the server machine. By the way, SQL Server will use almost all RAM available to it, unless you have deliberately limited it.