SQL Server 2008 Temp.DB File

Hi All

Currently we are having an on-going issue with a random file called “temp.db”. This file is going directly into the C: Drive and constantly grows until there is no HDD space left on the server. I understand this is generated by Sql Server but as we use AX I thought maybe someone on here could help [:P]

When it grows too large we need to take the AOS down, then manually move this file.

What I would to know is how can we re-direct this file somwhere else, and how? Also is it “okay” or “best-practice” to delete this file as it is a Temp file.

Hi William,

Check if this link would help you.




Hi Anitha,

Many thanks for this, I think eventually we just ended up keeping the file settings the same but we moved the server.

Thanks again for this, I searched on this topic and did not find that MSDN.