Sql Server 2005 Installation

Hello ,

I have a sql server installation question .

I have space on my harddisk (C:) Operating System = 12 GB

other partions hardisks > 60 GB (D:)

DO you advice me to install it on C: or D: ?

Do i will have any problem if i install on partion D:

Reminder I have sql server 200 installed on C:

Please thanks in advance for any help you can apply


I’m not sure what precisely you want to install, I suppose you mean a NAV database. Is this refering to a productive NAV system? Or is it just some kind of test/dev-environment?

If you are asking “Where to install a productive NAV database on SQL Server 2005” then I’m afraid, the requirements are more “challenging” than just 2 partitions! Depending on the expected database size and transaction volume, a minimum setup could look like this:

  • C:\ RAID1 Operating System, Swap file
  • D:\ RAID1 SQL Server Programs, maybe databases: master, model, msdb
  • E:\ RAID0 Database: tempdb
  • F:\ RAID10 Database: Navision (mdf/ndf)
  • G:\ RAID10 Database: Navision (ldf = Transaction Log)

All drives are physical drives, no logical partitions. Of course, this could be discussed, but I hope it points out that just two partitions are not fulfilling the SQL Server’s requirements.

If you were talking about a test setup, then it does not matter where the database is located if you have just logical partitions, but you can not expect good performance (depending on the load). If D:\ is another physical drive, then install the db here!

Hope this helps you a little.

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Sounds to me like you want to install SQL 2005 as well as SQL 2000 on your PC/laptop, which should work either way, depending that there is enough room on either partition for the installation files. Make sure SQL 2005 is the developer edition, otherwise it will try to upgrade your SQL 2000 installation.

Hi Jorg ,

Thanks for trying helping me .

I will explain more about my question and sorry because my question was not enough clear.

I am asking about installaion the SQL Server Managment studio in SQL 2005

which is enterprise Manager in SQL SEVER 2000 .

Really I have installed a tested phase of all the SQLSERVER 2005 collection from Server management studio to Reporting services that works with navision .and the testing was well … I have installed the sql engine on C: / where windows servwer 2003 is installed … and the navision databases on other partions …

Till now fine …Now I am repeating the installation on other computer …getting only 10 GB on C: where also Win server 2003 has been installed … My Questions in very clear way are ?

Remeber C: / where windows servwer 2003 is installed

Question 1 : Can I install the SQL management studio Engine with SQL Business intellegient Development with VB 2005 with all tools on another partion of C: ? Becuase I am supposing 10 GB will not be enough …

Question 2 : It’s more advisable to install the SQL management studio Engine with SQL Business intellegient Development with VB 2005 in the same place where the operating system has been installed ?

Question 3 : Is 10 GB enough to install the SQL management studio Engine with SQL Business intellegient Development with VB 2005 …and .of course the navision databases will be on other partitions .

i am repeating my thanks … and hoping to get my question in clear way this time .

Hi Daniel ,

Thanks also for your help …

I am sorry that my questions wasn’t clear enough but i did posted one now in very clear way for Jorg .

Please have a look also on my question … I will be be happy if you have any experience in this case .

Really i need to install the SQL Sever standard edition with SQLSERVER 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio …

So that i am in curious to make reports from Reporting service

Thank you again

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