SQL Server 2005 and Navision 4.0

Has any one already tried to get Navision 4.0 to work with SQL Server 2005 (beta2)? I have, but have not succeeded. My installation (windows Server 2003 - SQL Server 2005 beta2, Navision 4.0) refuses to restore the Cronus database after creating a database. In my opinion, as SQL 2005 is hipping Q1-2005, most customers will want to buy the newest version, especially since they have to pay full price for it. Anyone has any suggestions?

I have tried with 3.70, the database creates ok but you can not restore into it. I also tried importing the objects and all of them will import except for the user setup table. So this must be using a stored procedure on SQL2000 that does not exist on SQL2005. Paul Baxter

Testing further on, it seems impossible to even import a .FOB file containing a single table. I will continue testing with an SQL backup (made on SQL Server 2000) containing a Navision database, restoring it on SQL 2005. Hopefully this will reveal some underlying problems. Next I am going to try creating a table (from object designer) and running profiler against it. Keep you posted…(and still a little optimistic…[:p]

OK. Restoring a SQL2000 backup containing a CRONUS database on SQL2005 seems to work. It is possible now to view the navigation pane, and view some records in the database. View only that is, editing just any character results in the same connection crash every write will as from now. Also creation of a single table containing a single field (code 20) results in crashing the connection… I will continue, your help is greatly appreciated![:D] The screenshot of the error can be found here: http://www.verduin.net/connect_error.jpg

SQL Server 2005 beta2 has a bug that is causing these problems but has been resolved in recent builds, which means there should be no such issues when it ships. Navision 4.0 does not officially support 2005, although it may run fine against it when 2005 ships. If not there will be a 4.0 update to address any problems.

I am planning to test it on one of my backup/test server in the next month or so. We have a 100GB SQL DB on Nav 3.7 and it is a true pain to tune. And without proper tuning, it is not usable. From experience, SQL Server’s Beta has been stable and much faster then the release version. SQL 7.0 Beta 2 was soo much faster (and stable) than 6.5 that I actually switched over before it was released. A quick check on my development box, 2005 Beta 2 (Oct build from MSDN) has proven to be quite stable. At least all my existing projects work properly under it. I have yet to run any performance test against it. A question while reading this thread… Did you guys try to “Restore” a Navision Backup to SQL 2005? i.e. Restore the FBK Files? or a SQL restore? I was able to “Attach” my 2000 DB with little effort (not a Navision DB).

Hi again. Now using the latest build I could find on MSDN (version 9.00.951.0, build date Oct 10-2004) and it still addresses the same problem. I am going to refer this in the SQL 2005 beta program I am also participating in, and will keep you posted wherever possible. Would also like to get in touch with other Navision technical people, interested in getting it running on SQL 2005… Until then… thanx a lot for helping me out.[:D]