SQL Server 2005 & Navision SP1

Hello Gurus,

I have been battling for a week to migrate one of our client from Native DBase To SQL Server Option, after some initial problems like Databse Size, Date Issues (As you all know that Sql does not support date less than 1754) i was able to install and restore both SQL Server 2005 and Navision SP1.

But there is just one problem and that is, I could only log in using Windows Authentication but could not Log in Using Database Log in.

Please what could be responsible for this?

Any suggestion is highly welcome!

First of all, I’d recommend taking them to SP3. There are a number of problems with SP1, not in the least bit in the security synchronization.

The SQL Server is probably installed to support WIndows logins only. You need to set it to Mixed mode. In SQL Server Mgt Studio, right click the server and select properties. On the Security page set the Server Authentication to ‘SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode’. You will have to make sure that you have the right extended stored procedure installed. Read the readme.txt file in the esp_sql folder on Disk 1 of the NAV product cd’s for information on how to do that.

Navision 4.0 SP1 and SP2 in SQL Server 2005 has a few issues. I recommend upgrading to Navision 4.0 SP3 to SQL Server 2005 correctly in Navision

Hello Denster,

I have done all you ave suggested but i think the problem is with SP1, i would try and see the possiblity of migrating them to SP3.

Thanks! [Y]

Please also Apply service pack 2 to SQL.

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