SQL Server 2000 SP3 and Commerce Portal

Microsoft and security experts have strongly suggested that all servers running MS SQL Server 2000 (which is a required component for Navision Commerce Portal) should be applied the latest Service Pack 3 to remove vulnerabilites of worm and hacker’s attack. Does anybody have a clue about whether these types of Service Pack (be it MS SQL Server 2000 or MS Commerce Server 2000) will have any impact on the workings of Navision Commerce Portal (esp. the SQL Server Desktop Engine component of the Service Pack) ??

Hi there, there maybe a cuase for concern. After I applied SP3 on one of our Commerce Portal test site, the synchonisation between the Navision database and Commerce Portal SQL database failed to work. Everything else works fine, ie. you can still query real-time data and place orders through the Portal, just that the data gets stuck in the message queue. Not sure if the SQL now sees the data coming in as possible virus attack? [}:)] Perhaps there are some setting on the SQL side?

After an new installation with SP3 I have the same problem. Messages ends up in the Error queue.

What Error messege do you get in the error queue? I get some thing like whis: Error no: 2147467259 Can not open database requested in login ‘CommercePortal_Commerce’ Login fails Which verision of Commerce server do you use?

I’ve just applied the SQL Server 2000 SP3 (Database Component and Analysis Services only) onto my web server running on Commerce Server 2000 SP3 and still have not seen messages in the Error Queue. (My Navision is Attain 3.10a) Which versions of the software are you using? And what kind of messages got stuck in your Error Queue?

what was the solution for W2K SQL - SP3 and Commerce Portal? thanks for reply Eckhard

Everything works FINE on W2k SP3 and Navision 3.60 Commerce Portal !!!

thank´s, now I try SQL Server - SP3a. well we use 3.60 NAS - 3.10a CP - 3.01 Database. could be trouble ? we are not in hell we are in navision…:slight_smile: eckhard

I’m not sure about 3.10a CP as it has different system requirements but I think worth shouldn’t be. Though it’s Microsoft [:P]

Everything works FINE on W2k SP3 and Navision 3.60 Commerce Portal !!! Commerce Server 2002. Me too.

had anybody the following up and running ? SP W2K - SP SQL Server …? Navision Server Database 3.01 SQL Server w2k SP4 / SQL 2000 SP3a W2K Pro SP4 NAS Client 3.60 Webserver CommercePortal 2000 (3.10A) w2k SP4 / SQL 2000 SP3a thanks.

Service Pack 3 resets the sa password (Sys Admin Password in SQL Server). You will need to change the sa password and then make sure you update it in Navision. This password is used as part of the connection string for MSMQ messages to SQL through the CommercePortal Sync service. Most of the time this happens because the demo site has a blank password. Lindsay