SQL results missing from 2009 Trace file

I have kicked off a server trace on one of our customer’s AOSs. The file has produced successfully, but when I import it into Trace Parser, I only see the X++ results, there is no SQL detail. (the SQL tab is just not there)

This is despite ‘SQL statements’, ‘Bind variables’ and ‘Row fetch summary’ all being ticked.

Has anyone encountered this issue?

We have the same problem with another 2009 customer but we seem to be able to get the SQL fine when tracing 2012.

Do you see any server session at all? If not, you probably forgot to import the trace file collected on AOS.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response. Yes I see lots of sessions in the drop down. I definitely completed the import and all the other information is there, it’s just missing the SQL tab.