SQL : Restoring from device (file)

In SQL there’s a problem when you are trying to restore a backup (.BAK) to another database and you are doing this from a file. When you do this you have to change the physical location of the Data file and Transactionlog file, otherwise the settings stored in de ‘device’ (.BAK file) will be used. I don’t understand why MS doesn’t use the settings of the database in which you are restoring the database backup. I started it up from rightclicking on a database, then All tasks - Restore Database. If I didn’t clicked on the database than I can understand it, but not in the situation I use it … Hopefully MS can change this in a new release or update of SQL 2000.

Hi Well, the sense of the backup and restore commands in SQL is to backup an existing database and then restoring it again in the case of a disaster. The Backup Functionality is not intended to be used to duplicate databases. You can use it for that purpose, but as you are doing something which it is not intended for, you have to live with the pitfalls.

ha ha ha … okay … I can live with that