sql restore

I’m in the process of my first upgrade from 3.10 to 3.60. I created a Navision backup of our sql database. I created a new 3.6 database in Navision for sql. I am trying to restore the 3.10 backup. I get a message that the Purchases & Payables Setup table has duplicate column names (Copy Cmts Ret.Ord. to Ret.Shpt). I checked the table in both sql and Navision and there are no duplicates. I have tried to backup only the database with no shared objects and this did not work either. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

First, why are you doing a backup/restore at all? A 3.60 client will open a 3.10 database and convert it in order to be used by 3.60 clients from that point on. Secondly, if you look at File/Database/Alter-Integration, have you chosen to convert identifiers and what characters do you have in the Identifiers field?

I am following the instructions in the upgrade toolkit, hence the backup and restore. I guess I could open in 3.6 and continue with the upgrade that way - had not thought of that! This would make more sense with sql because the views created in sql will have to be re-created with a navision backup. No, I have not chosen to convert characters. Thanks for the reply!