SQL restore error in NAV 6.0 SP1

Now for starters, I am not very good in SQL, but I was restoring a NAV backup in SQL, and this error message came up.

The following SQL Server error or errors occurred when accessing the Value Entry table.

Could not allocate space in the database because the ‘Data Filegroup 1’ filegroup is full. Does this just mean I don’t have enough room on my laptop or does it mean I don’t have enough room in a certain directory/folder on my laptop ?

how do I find out wether Data Filegroup 1 is full ?



Data Filegroup 1” usually has just one file - and according to the error this file is full. So you need to go to the Management Studio and expand the physical file size; additionally you should enable the “Auto Growth” of that file (e.g. 250MB).

If cannot expand the file, well, then you might not have enough disk-space …