SQL replication + triggers and Navision


I am exporing data from a different server than Navision’s, I am using Repliation, inside the the tables that i export (on the subscriber side) i am trying to put a trigger to direct the data to the Navision tables i want, but i cant get this to work, can someone push me in the right direction.


Due to specific navision “engine” where triggers and consistency mechanism is done by client application it is not advisable to do direct updates of navision tables. If you know what are you doing (in which tables are you doing inserts/updates/deletes) than forget the first sentence (:)) and give us more details about errors or whatever is your signal that “something doesn’t work”.


Well, I am not sure if I fully understood your problem … some more details could help …

Just to repeat:

You replicate data from one server to another. There, on the target server (or subscriber) you want to write this replicated data into some NAV tables. Right? Wrong?

What I could imagine is this:

After finishing the replication, you could start up a NAS service (e.g. by using the SC.EXE utility). This NAS could run some code to import the data from the replication-tables, e.g. using MS ADO or Linked Tables etc… Here you have the chance to use the NAV site triggers …

But as stated: please give us more info!



That is exactly what i am trying to do. i am past the replication step and now the problem is i cant find a place to fire up a service to copy the data to the Navision Tables. Iam not familiar with SQL 2005 but im trying new things along the way. I will try the NAS utility as you suggested and give you my feedback.