SQL problem Navision 4.0

Hi, I’ve experienced some strange things when I did a backup of Navision 3.70 SQL database and I wan’t to restore it into a Navision 4.0 SQL database. In the 3.70 version everything is working correct, but when I want to open the same company in Navision 4.0 then the system returns an error that I don’t have the permission to read the Database File table. I’ve disabled the code related to this table and then he returns the error that I don’t have the permission to read the Session table. So it seems that the user has lost all his permissions to read the system tables. Does anyone had the same problem, and if so how can i solve it? The user has role SUPER, and I’m using Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Kind Regards, Johnny

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Two possibilities, Firstly run Tools, Security, Synchronise from the main menu. This will ensure that the premissions defined are applied to the underlying SQL Server tables. Secondly it may be licence related. The licence can be stored in the SQL Server database. Upload the licence file again.