SQL Optimization

Hello, Our client is using Attain 3.7 on SQL Server, Windows Server 2003 with 25 concurrent users. We post 2000 - 3000 sales invoices per day which causes the other users machines to slow to a crawl (some can’t work at all until the posting is completed). I have read the “Tuning Navision for better performance” paper for the code review checklist. I believe we have met all of the requirements down to the properties for: “MaintainSQLIndex”, “MaintainSIFTIndex”, and “SIFTLevelsToMaintain”. These I am not sure about. If anyone has a better explaination of these properties (or any other suggestions) it would be greatly appreciated. I realize SQL tuning has been posted on this forum before, but I wanted to also post our particular hardware configuration to make sure we don’t have a problem there. 10 GB Database with 84% used. 3 GB RAM with 4 processors 140 GB Disk with 50 GB Free space SCSI RAID 10 Thanks for any suggestions. Brian.

how many hard drives do you have? Did you split Log and Data files to different drives? in any case. Put MaintainSIFTIndex, property to all temprary tables - sales line, purchase line, Gen. Jornal Line, Reservation Entry… In general you can swithch off this option for ALL tables. In this case you posting will be much faster but some reports and forms can be too slow. You can turn on SIFT on for the keys used in this forms. I would reccomend swithcing off MaintainSIFTIndex in Value Entry Table.

You may want ot check out this site : http://www.hmtools.com/

There are 2 drives on the server. The data and log files are currently on the same drive. Brian.

Dear Brian, if you search the forum for “SQL Performance” you will find plenty advice regarding to performance improvements … But I strongly recommend to read some books about SQL Server, too … If you have Log and Data installed on the same drive (which is the worst thing you can do), that shows that you need to know some basics first …