SQL Help


I am not very skilled in SQL, but had to install Nav Classic Client on a server - 1. an Service was started automatically .

I have installed a new databse, imported the FBK-File. But now, what have I to do on the Client. I just started the client with ‘NAV with SQL Server’, with servername=Name from the installation (service running).

Than I get the message: Can’t find the Server, try later.

Please, can you give me some hints, how to install and connect from the client. I have read the PDF-File for SQL-Installation, but cant go on.


This looks like networking problem, not Navision.

Normally you install Client on the users’s workstation --it takes a couple of minutes-- and on first startup of Client select the server, then database you wish to connect, and that’s it.

If server dropdown box doesn’t show any available SQL server(s) to connect to, it can be everything from user rights to network/domain structure, so it’s hard to give you any hints…

BTW - which version of Navision?

Thanks for your answer, its NAV 2009 SP01.

Check that the SQL Server is set to allow remote connections (Right click on your instance → properties → connections).

Also check that the Windows Firewall is not stopping the party by preventing incoming connections…

Thanks, it was the firewall. This should be considered, starting with server 2008.