SQL functions for MS Query

Can anybody help me with a SQL manual for MS Query. I have tried to use SUBSTR(field,start possision,number of characters) to be able to sum by month. When I use the transaction date, I get the sum per date and not by month as I want.

I think it’s a little late but try this SQL-statements: month([companyname$tablename].[fieldname]) you get the month as integer. year([companyname$tablename].[fieldname]) you get the year as integer. datename(month,[compan…]) you get the month as String like january, february… or to change the date to the first of month datediff(month,day([companyname$tablename].[fieldname]-1,[companyname$tablename].[fieldname]) good luck stefan

frank did stefan’s worthful solution solved ur problem. if do reply if it did or did not so that other users may benefit from it. Frank this is an request please dont take in wrong sense. thanks & thank you stefan