SQL for last date where inventory was counted for an item

I need the date where an item was last counted in inventory.

I can see the field inside dynamics on the “item card”'s “inventory” tab.

I’ve found the table “Item Journal Line” to contain information about inventory counts but the information doesn’t completely match the data inside dynamics. Therefore I’m thinking I’m looking in the wrong place/table.

In what table and column should I look to find the information I’m searching for?

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Do you mean when the Item is added to Inventory?

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Sorry my english. It could be better. I’ll try to rephrase.

Every year we do a status count of all items in stock. I need the date when the item was last counted to be updated with the actual amount in stock.

You can go to Item Card

Click Item–>Statistics–>Entry Statistics

You can find when it was last Purchased or sold etc.

Actually the date I need is on the “Warehouse” tab on the item card. I have a danish version. So it’s a bit hard for me to explain exactly where.

Here is an image that shows it:
Here is an image that shows it6683.navdate.jpg:

I am not sure whether its a standard field or custom field.

Did you get what you are searching for?

Actually I found the answer myself. I thought I was lost but found my way anyway. The table I was looking for was named: “Phys_ Inventory Ledger Entry”.

Good… Thank you for letting us know.

Sorry for the trouble. I’ve verified the solutions now in both places.