SQL : evaluate sql statements / sql counters

Hi, What’s the best way to check if some queries from CSIDE are performant enough. I know I can use the sql-profiler and use some counters (in the windows-monitor) but this is not so easy. Can someone tell me in a easy way what’s his checklist is to check performance problems. Thanks in advance Nico

Nico, You should obtain the Attain Tools CD 3.10.A from your NTR. It contains a “Performance Troubleshooting Guide” which is a pdf file with some tools built on top of the Client Monitor. It has the answers to all your questions! The tool can also be downloaded from ftp://ftp.navision.com/nsc/all/Navision Attain Tools/Performance Troubleshooting Guide/Performance Troubleshooting Guide 3.10.A.zip. It works with version 3.10.A of the executables only but any application version will do. You’ll need to have your license updated with granule no. 150000 in order to use the tools. Regards - Jens