SQL Error

Hi All,

I have Imported an XPO file having Tables, forms,reports, classes, quries …etc which is in AX 4.0 version to AX 2009. While importing i din’t use option like “Import with ID Values”, then only it allows me to import. upto now fine … When i am trying to open a table it showing error like

“Cannot select a record in Insurance Slab Table. Accident Insurance Code: 0, No. The SQL database has issued an error.”

Can any one share your ideas to get out of this issue

Thanks in Adv

Hi Vardhan,

After improthing the xpo u do have sync the tables its important.

Admin > Periodic > SQL administration > Table Actions > Synchronize database

Hope it will work

AOT-Datadictonary-Right Click-Synchronize…

Hi Vardan,

once you import any XPO first you have to compile that Project.

Synchronize the tables.

ex: Right Click on table select synchronize.

Data Dictionary->Synchronization.