SQL Error

Hi all,

i’m new to NAV.

When i’m trying to connect nav 2009 to sql server i’m getting the following error.

'The extended storedprocedure xp_ndo_enumusergroups in the library file xp_ndo.dll is not available on the database server.

Please help.

Hi Mahesh,

Firstly, welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

This is a common problem - use the search to find releated post

Here’s a blog to fix the problem:


hi daveT,

thanks lot… that helped me…

i have one more problem. while i’m trying to take rtc in dynamics nav 2009 it shows invalid username or password… please help me…

You have to use NAV 2009 Classic Client for SQL to add that user ID in Windows Authentication and give proper roles.

Right now, the system is not able to find any rights for that user.

Vikram B L